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Four friends and a drum machine, with the mindset to travel the world - that’s what dreampop/shoegaze act Boy With Apple is all about. Now packing their bags to head to both The New Colossus Festival in New York and Focus Wales in Wrexham to spread that superb Gothenburg indie sound.

Last year they made their grand international debut at Waves Festival in Vienna, and with two more global festival slots coming up they're ready to make a bigger splash.

– We're very excited! Most of us have never been to the U.S, so it feels kinda surreal. There'll probably also be a huge contrast between the cities, from skyscrapers to a medieval setting. Either way we'll only play bangers, no sleepers, says guitarist Tim Hedlund.

Venturing outside Sweden is a big step for all bands, and having already played all major cities in Sweden it makes for a nice change of pace.

– Going abroad is a whole other thing. Partly it's a little trip, going to a place you don't know and get lost in a good way, says vocalist and bass player Saga Fransson.

– There're always some token concert-goers in Swedish cities, but if someone shows up abroad who has actually listened to the music or is curious about it, then it feels much more special, says vocalist and synth player Zara Henriksson.

– As for the gigs themselves, it doesn't feel very different. We feel at home on stage anywhere, guitarist Valle Wirstad chimes in.

Much like with a painting you can’t rush geniality, and same goes to say about Boy With Apple's long awaited debut album - but it’s on the way.

– We’ve been talking about this album for years, and all the songs we’re out playing, with two or three exceptions, is music from that album. We don't have a date yet though, but it’s finally going to happen this year, says Zara.

If you wanna tag along on Boy With Apple’s journey across the world then keep up with their Instagram @boywithappl, or catch them when they make their glorious return to Sweden on a stage near you.

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Photo: Felicia Lekenstam