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With April turning into May, it’s that time of the year when Aarhus becomes the spot for SPOT - two days of new and exciting Nordic music. Westside is back with another one of those you-know-what-kind-of-beats, and will per usual house a showcase at HeadQuarters. This time with Hollow Ship, Boy With Apple and EF, on the 3rd of May.

Niklas Åström, drummer of EF, is looking forward to finally play SPOT Festival.

– I’m not gonna be shy about that we’ve wanted to play SPOT for a long time, even if SPOT is a festival for elevating young artists - and that, we are not. But it’s a fantastic event and most likely a great platform for young bands to get into the business, he says.

Thomas E. Frank of Hollow Ship is psyched for the gigs, for a special reason indeed.

– I’m really looking forward to playing with the original lineup of Hollow Ship again! On this Denmark trip we’ll have Johannes Kronquist back in the group and it’s always a treat to play with him. We’ll also perform a few tracks which we haven’t played since before Donovan (von Martens) took over on bass, Thomas says.

As last year, Westside Music will showcase at HeadQuarters in central Aarhus. We asked what EF and Hollow Ship hope gather from the experience.

– We hope that HQ will be packed when Westside does their afternoon-showcase and that we'll make some paw-shakes and sparkling-meetings take place perhaps?!, says Niklas of EF. 

Thomas shoots it straight. 

– We’ll take it as it comes. Our expectation is to drag as many people as possible into the void with us, he says.

And of course; 2024 has only just begun. What can we expect from the two?

– We'll play Gothenburg and Malmö in June. Then we'll continue to Central Europe - Germany, Belgium, Holland and Switzerland in August and September. No new album in 2024, although we have however begun writing new material - but time is not always in abundance, says Niklas Åström.

– There'll be a release show on the 14th of June. And after that we’ll play UFO-fest, Sweden in July which also will be great fun! says Thomas.

Hollow Ship's follow-up release "Animated Music", out on PNKSLM Recordings, is truly something for the SPOT audience to explore, both before and after the band's show at SPOT.

– It'll be a mix of older material that we haven’t played for a long time and new stuff. We always work in the present, defining an era feels like something you do with hindsight. The EP is instrumental music, made from our collaboration with the animator Freddy Wallin - he’s great, everyone should check him out! says Thomas E. Frank.

Joining EF and Hollow Ship on stage are Gothenburg's very own Boy With Apple, who kickstarted 2024 with the release of their debut album "Attachment". Don't miss out on a super night at Spot on Friday, May 3rd. Need more info? Find it here.

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Photo: EF / Press