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A high pressure is heading for the end of April, SWR Barroselas Metalfest is starting to sound between the 24th to 27th in northern Portugal. For three days the beautiful city of Barroselas will be the scene for heavy, fast and screaming music. It's only natural Gothenburg will be present.

April in Portugal is a beautiful place in time and obviously, with western Sweden being synonymous with heavy punk and metal, we have representation on site from Gothenburg’s Child and Fredagen den 13:e.

It’s not the first time at the festival for Fredagen den 13:e, who are looking forward to their return.

– It feels incredibly exciting to return to SWR, says Jacob Mortensen of Fredagen den 13:e. The last time we played there was in 2016 and that time we only stayed one day at the festival, as we had a tour in Portugal & Spain afterwards. But now we’ll only do the show on the 25th, so we can really enjoy the whole festival! Combine work with pleasure, you know.

SWR will be an exciting trip for Child as well, for a special reason.

– We’re very excited as it is Child’s first international show and it’s a privilege to have it at SWR, says Albin Sköld. What we’re looking forward to the most would have to be standing on stage, but obviously experiencing Barroselas - the festival, the people and seeing loads of awesome bands. And a couple of beers in the sun of course!

– When we played [at SWR] in 2016, we went on after both Taake and Doom on the main stage just after 3 o’clock at night, Jacob of Fredag den 13:e reminisce. This year we’ll go on around 10 pm, which will be nice. Hopefully the crowds will be lively and up for some partying then.

Jocke Lindström of Child is expecting to deliver quality for said crowds at SWR.

– We hope that there will be loads of people in front of the stage so that we’ll succeed in getting them going. Our goal is that every new show should be better than the last, that’s what the visitors should expect from us. I'm hoping for great energies from all sides.

 SWR might be just around the corner and the swedes have their sights and focus set, but 2024 is still young and both bands have great plans coming up.

– We have three shows for 2024, Albin of Child says. May 7th at Metal Theatre in Kalmar, August 24th at Malmö Massacre, which we're looking forward to a bit extra since Napalm Death will be featuring, and Ocotber 5th at Göteborg Extreme Sounds.

– We will take the opportunity to do some shows before the summer, Jacob tells us. First up is Musikens Hus in Gothenburg on the 24th of May and at Pizzacrust Festival in Karlstad on the 1st of June. After that we will take a trip over the Atlantic and do a 10 date tour of the US East Coast together with our friends Loud Night. It’s a dream come true for us!

Fredag den 13:e
SWR Barroselas Metalfest

Photo: Press (Fredag den 13e)