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Sending kids to America

Sometime things just happen in a way that it looks like you planned it, even tho you did not. This is one of those times and we got bands playing festivals in the US three weeks in a row, at three amazing festivals in three pretty ok places spread over the US. Well, yes! 

It feels somewhat unreal to say we got this happening, by the strength of a local music community pretty far from these places, geographically. At the same time, it makes absolute sense given it's all part of the same structure, the same networks, the same love for music and with music not that concerned about boarders anyway, why not? 

Here's where you go, here's where it happens;
Boy With Apple @ New Colossus Festival
Lower East Side, New York City, March 9-13
Beverly Kills @ South by Southwest
Austin, TX, March 11-20
Second Theory @ Musexpo
Hollywood + Burbank, Los Angeles, 20-25 March

More infos on when and where plus interviews with our bands to follow. 

Photo by: frank mckenna on Unsplash