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Live in Scandinavia


Sweden is a small country, and same applies to Norway and Denmark - but together we have a population of 22 million people. Then we're suddenly a pretty large market, one that many do not really consider and have strategies for. Do we see ourselves as parts of a unity? How is the live industry addressing the opportunities of increasing the number of concerts, tours and festivals possible if considering this as "one" market? 

Does management companies realize what potential exists outside our own borders? Are record labels thinking of expanding their sales areas? Are the artists interested? What are the success factors? Which boxes need to be ticked in order to reach the neighboring countries, which ones have succeeded and where is the starting point?

To tackle the theme, we have invited a Scandinavian trio with massive experience from the live industry, management and record label;
- Linn Margrethe Skoie, FKP Scorpio, Oslo, NO
- Mikkel Wad Larsen, WAS Entertainment, Copenhagen, DK
- Daniel Johansson, Gothenburg & CO/Kulturkalaset

The talk takes place @ Holy Moly durign this years Göteborgs Kulturkalas, and starts 2.30 on Saturday 3rd of September.
Free entrance!

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