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April starts in Oslo at Inferno Festival, the purgatory for the metal scene and a gathering of folks involved in it. At the end of the month we got Blodskam playing SWR Barroselas Metalfest, a privilege we been enjoying with pride for years. Horns up!

2019 we had the Inferno Festival part of a conversation at Viva Sounds. It was around the same time as we wanted dig deeper into heavy and be real about it. We could see metal events being just about metal and decided it was time to try have metal part of our thing, just like any other sub-genre. Last year we went to Inferno for the first time and liked it, picked up some good folks and invited them to Viva Sounds, working even better. So yes, we're going back. Same focus, same idea. 

SWR Barroselas Metalfest goes further back, we've been enjoying the privilege of having bands playing their stages for years, and could not be more proud. The people behind it has become our friends and we like to think we share the same ethics about stuff. The way they get things done is nothing more than a constant inspiration. This year Blodskam, working with our partner Suicide Records, is trying out stages in Portugal.

You can talk all you want about what's hot this year, but these events are hotter than hell. 

04.06-09 - Inferno Festival, Oslo, NO
04.27-30 - SWR Barroselas Metalfest, PT