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For some, summer means checking out. For music it's the other way around - it means festivals. We're back at places we know and love since way back, but we're also making some new friends, enjoying every little piece of it. Stick your head out the window and open your ears. Here we go! 

Keep on moving in a steady tempo and you'll be sure to see and meet both the old and new. Summer of 2024 is here and we got festivals in three countries with three different bands. Dedication is key and these gangs all got it, along with some sweet tunes and attitude, making them both easy and fun to send abroad. Hungary, Germany, Netherlands and the UK are all on the list, here's a fresh summer schedule;

08.02-04 - Leach @ Vagos Metal Fest, Vagos, PT
08.15-19 - KÅRP @ Fekete Zaj Festival, Mátra-Sástó, HU
08.23 - EF @ Knust, Hamburg, DE
08.24 - EF @ Glocksee, Hannover, DE
08.25 - EF @ Pelagic Festival, Maastricht, NL
08.23-25 - Hearts @ Victorious Festival, Portsmouth, UK

And for September, being kind of just around the corner, we got plenty of other stuff lined up. Ya'll just need to wait a bit longer.

Photo by Michelle Francisca Lee