Pustervik / Saltet på Ringön
Göteborg, SE

Johan (“Red Top”) is born and raised in Gothenburg and has been working as an organizer since the late 80’s and he is one of the founders of the venue Pustervik. His ambition has always been to strengthen the city of Gothenburg and position it as a music city and he has never hesitated to discuss this with politicians or officials. In his opinion, politics is a natural part of culture and we have a shared responsibility to make sure we improve the conditions for our future generation of organizers and cultural workers.

He states that “a lot of positive things has happened since I started in the business, but there are still many issues that need to be solved”. Johan is currently also involved with an urban development project in an area of Gothenburg called Ringön, where the aim is to give space to creativity a bit off center of mainstream culture.


Berlin, DE

Marcus Rüssel has, since 2001, developed his career as a concert and festival promoter and as a consultant and manager for musicians. In 2009 Marcus started researching different ways of funding and financing, primarily in the creative industry and he thereby knows how to establish a business. With that knowledge and his experience, he founded gigmit in 2012 and has since lead the company as its CEO. His online music booking platform, gigmit, serves to connect promoters and musicians for an easier booking process and connects more than 2000 live shows per year.
In 2017 Marcus founded the Innovation Network of European Showcases (INES) with 8 showcase festivals in Europe and in 2018 a new marketing initiative for digital concert marketing called Live Music Accelerator Berlin (LMAB).


The Abyss
Gothenburg, SE

Maja Sofic was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina but grew up in Australia. She has lived in 8 countries including Serbia, England, Italy, Switzerland, Norway and Sweden. Maja got a degree in politics from her education in Australia but her passion is clearly more around music. She loves working with people, with music and loves to be involved in music related projects. This passion has led her to running the heave-metal/rock-pub and restaurant The Abyss in Gothenburg, which has become the place for people within the genre to meet.
The Abyss also run shows, in quite impressive numbers, and is now also running a festival called The Abyss Festival, taking place at Gothenburg Film Studios. 2019 will be the second year of the festival and the growth from the first year will be massive.


Sound Diplomacy
Berlin, DE

Katja founded the Sound Diplomacy Berlin office in October 2013 and is now operating as Head of projects. In this role Katja has consulted several cities on their Music City strategy, given lectures about Music Cities at events over the world and initiated the Music Cities Network together with the Hamburg Music Business Association (IHM).
Katja has worked on the development of several funding projects for German institutions and has consulted with the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, GIZ, Adam Mickiewicz Institute Poland, Nordic Embassies Berlin and many other institutions.
Altogether she has been in the music business for more than 12 years and in various fields including Mutek Festival, Ableton and Initiative Musik, the German funding organisation, where she was responsible for the export projects. Katja holds a diploma in Geography and Economy, with a focus on urban planning and creative industries.


Mystic Sons
London, UK

James is the director and founder of Mystic Sons, a music press and radio company and at the same time an online magazine. Mystic Sons works with traditional national Press and radio services in the UK, alongside digital marketing including tastemaker online blogging and Spotify playlist plugging. Over the years James has history of working and developing artists such as Gary Numan, Squarepusher, Swim Deep and Leftfield alongside Swedish artists Teddybears, Veronica Maggio, Jennie Abrahamson, Dolores Haze, Linnea Olsson, Flora Cash and Summer Heart to name a few.
James’ background is in music teaching and lecturing at the University of Sunderland, supported with a complete Master Of Arts Degree in Music Business and Education. Just recently James also founded Silent Kid, a new record label focusing on digital and vinyl releases.


Zagreb, HR / London, UK

Passionate for art, music, festivals and events, Dijana Lakus has worked as a booking agent & promoter (with acts such as Bob Dylan, QOTSA, Manic Street Preachers, Conor Oberst) and as a project, artist, production, pr & event manager. Over the last years she has been majorly involved in the festivals Outlook & Dimensions in Croatia and also Glastonbury and Secret Garden Party in UK.
Among other things she’s also involved in Music Glue, the leading global music-to-fan e-commerce platform and she’s an active member of the International Music Managers Forum. Dijana currently lives between Croatia, London and EU and her latest project is an art festival called DEV9T located in Serbia.


New Found Sound / Off Axis
Glasgow, UK

Derick began his career as a musician and formed his own company New Found Sound in 2006; an artist-friendly live music promoter and marketing company. He learned his trade working for Snow Patrol’s original manager, Keren McKean, running experiential music marketing campaigns and programming festivals for brands including Miller Genuine Draft, Guinness and Kopparberg and also co-founded the music industry conference Wide Days in Edinburgh in 2010.

These days he co-runs a UK-wide touring network called Off Axis, a non-profit touring and gig swapping network that programme festival stages at Kendal Calling (England), XpoNorth (Scotland) and concerts in 75 towns and cities throughout the UK. He also works as a music journalist for The Scotsman Newspaper, manages Edinburgh band Indigo Velvet and creates press/marketing campaigns for various clients through New Found Sound.


Göteborg & Co/Göteborgs Kulturkalas
Göteborg, SE

Daniel has been part of Gothenburg’s music industry for more than 11 years. Starting out as a production manager at PK Musik lead to becoming a partner and promoter at one of Swedens biggest concert promoters, Kulturbolaget (KB West). Over the years Daniel has booked hundreds of artists and worked as many concerts around Gothenburg and Scandinavia with everything from local talents to global stars.
Since January 2018, Daniel is Head of Program at Gothenburg Culture Festival (Göteborgs Kulturkalas) being responsible for its larger stages. The festival is expected to go through a major change for its 2019 edition to adapt and stay relevant for many years to come.


Wilfrido “Uili Damage” Osuna
Revista Marvin / Festival Marvin
Mexico City, MX

With a lifetime within music inner and outer lines, Uili Damage credentials fits best into the “reinassance man” category: radio host, musician, advertising creative, DJ, amateur actor, chief editor for Marvin Magazine, music producer, publisher, science and fashion enthusiast, Mexico City’s stand-up comedy scene chronicler and promoter, digital artist, and curator-booker for Festival Marvin.

Uili grew up in Distrito Federal (Mexico City), always with an eye and an ear catching signals and images from around the world. As editor in chief for the Marvin Media Platform, his forward-thinking approach to defining human expression spans a wide range of culture bursts that start from the music axis but encompass the exploration of the old and the new, the universal and the particular, the inspirational and the reflexive, but always, the exciting.

As of today, his main focus relies in keep pushing Marvin platform to broaden influential niches and revalue the most relevant of the consolidated. Under his close supervision, Marvin looks to present different, strong, and both growing and trendsetting contents – a philosophy that has brought to life not only Marvin Magazine and Marvin Digital, but also #RockParaLeer and #TintaSonora book series, #MarvinEncore live sessions, and of course, #FestivalMarvin.


Talk Town
Copenhagen, DK

Sarah is spokesperson for the largest feminist event, Talk Town, in Denmark. Talk Town gathers more than 70 organizations during three days filled with debates, talks, art, music, and a whole lot more. The festival was founded in order to rethink the cultural and political life around gender, equality and feminism in Denmark.