Viva Talks French!

We’re keeping on keeping on rolling internationally and welcome you to a new session of Viva Talks. Order a baguette, some ratatouille with champagne and kick back – it’s time to discover the French indie and underground scene.

Vive la France! During the first music-AW of the fall we’ll meet Benjamin Demelemester from BUREAU EXPORT in Paris, Marine Serpault from My Favorite Agency and the Swedish artist Bror Gunnar Jansson. The talk will be moderated by Tatiana Madrid.

Many Swedish artists tour Europe and almost everyone stops in countries like Germany and Spain. However, between these giants lies another country which is almost totally overlooked. VIVA Talks French will illuminate the indie and underground scene in France and ask the question: why are there so few Swedish acts touring the country – and how do we push those number up?

The panel consists of:

▪ Benjamin Demelemester, project leader, Le Bureau Export

▪ Marine Serpault, agent, My Favorite Agency

▪ Bror Gunnar Jansson, artist

▪ Tatiana Madrid – moderator

Benjamin has a history as a booking agent for Zamora Productions, where he for twelve years booked shows and tours for the agency’s artists. Nowadays you’ll find him as project leader for Le Bureau Export, the French export office for music which started in 1993. Le Bureau Export has laid the impressive foundation for how todays export offices all over the world function. You’ll find their mothership in Paris and their international offices in Berlin, London, New York and São Paolo. It sure would be hard to find someone more familiar with the French market than Benjamin.

As a booking agent, manager and promoter, Marine Serpault has worked for companies such as Savoir Faire, Bi Pole and Wartiste, today you’ll find her at My Favorite Agency. She’s involved in a bunch of different festivals, like Telerama Dub Festival and the new Rock Arabe Festival, which she started together with Guido Cesarsky from the band Acid Arab. Marine has an interest in developing her artists internationally and is always keen to explore other networks within the world of music.

Since 2012 Bror Gunnar has released three albums and one EP, together with a lot of touring as a one-man-band. The music places itself somewhere between dark folk and blues, an area where he’s unthreatened. Bror Gunnar has so far achieved his greatest success in France where he’s been touring diligently since 2014, including having two records being picked up by French Canal+ as “record of the week”. French Rolling Stone Magazine, Elle, Les Inrockuptibles and France Inter have all mentioned him, publicity which have helped him reach the bigger festivals of the country. Next album will be released on September 20 and this fall you’ll once more be able to see him out on tour, starting at Reeperbahn Festival on September 19. 

Pustervik – Wednesday September 11 – 18.00 – 19.30
Facebook Event
Pustervik Calendar

Gettin´ready for Zandari Festa

This year is the 8th edition of the Zandari Festa, that´s all about “listen to music, drink beer and make friends”. With over 100 teams of musicians from 20 countries, it may be alot of beer and friends… Get to know Janice Prix a little bit better who will deliver the goods this year.

So, who are Janice Prix?
We’re a four-piece band based in Gothenburg and we play alternative pop. We aim to make dark and cinematic songs, often revolving around heavy themes. We’ve been playing together since 2013 and started out in a small industrial town north of Gothenburg called Trollhättan. The local music scene there, which was dominated by punk, metal and hardcore, didn’t exactly embrace our musical differences and some of our ambition were forged in that opposition. To give an example: one day we arrived at the studio to find fake obituaries of each member’s name nailed to the front door.

What have you been up to in 2019?
We just finished up our debut album that comes out early next year. It has been a quite stressful period recording and filming music videos at the same time we’ve been doing live shows and PR for the singles and EP we released this summer. We have learned a great deal and we’ve met a lot of talented people in different places around Sweden and Europe.

We recorded the album together with Stefan Boman at the legendary Park Studios aka ‘Psykbunkern’ which was owned by our childhood heroes Kent. It was a dream come true to work in their studio along with their producer.

How do you prepare for Zandari Festa and have anyone of you been there before?
We’re rehearsing our live show, trying to get used to low alcohol beer and study polite Korean phrases. It’s the first time for us going there and we look very much forward to experience the Korean culture. The shows will hopefully be packed, sweaty and euphoric. Our bass player MK, who has toured China before, hope there will be dedicated music fans in Korea just like in China.

What happens after Zandari Festa?
We’ll release a couple of singles followed by our debut album in early 2020. We hope to go to as many places we can to promote our music and are already planning the recordings of new songs.

Follow their trip to South Korea through social media:
Janice Prix Facebook
Janice Prix website

Read more about:
Zandari Festa

Words: Pussygrinder LaGrange

Caribbean kraut and American pancakes

The band Two Year Vacation has been up to a lot more things this past year than their band name says. Their music is a fascinating blend of rock, Caribbean kraut, and disco that will make you dance with glee. We had a talk with Max Hessman, keyboard.

 Tell us about the past year, what has Two Year Vacation been up to?
-Oh, where to start? We´ve released four singles, one record, went on two tours, been in the US, signed two record contracts, started collaborating with a new music publisher, became poster boys for a car company and played for our biggest audience so far. It has been incredibly fun and exciting, but also scary and very stressful.

Best: Getting to meet all those wonderful people who listen to our music. Worst: To commute to Hamburg every other weekend where our record company, Clouds Hill is located.

You went with Westside Music Sweden to Musexpo, how was it?
-Los Angeles was something completely different, most of us had never been to the United States before, so most of it was a whole new experience. When the journey started, we had already been out playing for a week. Once at the LA airport, David got taken in by US Customs and Border Protection. They took his phone and refused to let us talk to him, we had to wait for almost three hours before they let him out. We had already started to discuss if we could learn someone from our management to play drums. Nothing bad about their percussion skills, but we were so relieved when they released David from their “mini-Guantanamo”.

-In order not to be too long-winded, I would like to summarize the overall impression with some buzzwords: burgers, pancake breakfast, mile-long streets that not really are made for walking.

-The highlight of the trip was still the gig at SIR studios which was the very reason we were there. We were a little nervous just before the gig, it was all empty in front of the stage! Have we travelled all this way to play for no one?! But when we got up on stage it was packed, and we gave the very best of us. We got an incredibly nice response from the crowd; many came by after the show and wanted to thank us! Los Angeles was insane fun but very strange at the same time. When we got home we longed back.

What will happen next in addition to Obstwiesenfestival and Waves Vienna?
-First, we have extended the trip to Obstwiesenfestival so we do a few more festivals on the same trip, including one called Schlossfest in Aulendorf.

Then a pretty intense period of writing and recording will follow, Max says. I do not want to say too much, but we have already come a bit along the way, so we will try to finish it as soon as we can.

After Waves Vienna we move on to Budapest for a little “office party” for the band, doing thermal baths, swimming, drinking, hanging together and talking new ideas simply. The next trip down to the continent will be at New Year´s Eve when we will help the Germans celebrate the start for 2020.

How do you boot up for the gig and what do they mean to you?
-We have a few different rituals, but all of them are about letting go of everything that isn´t relevant and just being a good band. It may sound pompous, but you get pretty humble when you know that people have paid a lot of money to see your band.

The gigs mean a lot to us, it’s a gigantic discharge to go out there and play live. And that someone wants to come and listen is such an incredibly strong experience that stays with you for weeks.

The rock myth is just a myth, much of the time in such an active band like us is in front of a computer screen, either connected to a mixing table or to a webcam meeting.

On the US theme,  here is a recipe for American pancakes from a cowboy Max knows:

1 egg
1 cup flour
1 cup milk / oat milk (this comes from a milk allergy cowboy)
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon melted butter / oil

Mix the wet and the dry stuff separately, then stir it together but KEEP THE LUMPS! Fry it on high heat and serve with butter, syrup and bacon (if you are a meat eater). Mandatory together with coffee. I recommend a personal favorite from Total Jävla Mörkers merch: Total Jävla Mörkrost.

Words: Püssygrinder LaGrange

It´s time to go east!

Three Swedish acts have made it to this year´s edition of Fekete Zaj Festival, Budapest. Tribulation, Agent Side Grinder and Tomma Intet. A collective founded during the winter of 2016 and based on the idea of enlightenment and transcendence according to their Facebook page. Fekete Zaj means Black Noise and we´re confident that it is just the perfect festival for death pop like Tomma Intet. We had a few words with singer and guitarist Mange P about the upcoming festival gig and what lies ahead.

Tell us about the past year, what has Tomma Nothing been up to?
-The year of 2019 has entailed some very nice gigs for us that lies like a sweet haze in our memory. We´ve been up to a damn lot of songwriting and recording. We are in the final phase of making record number two and it feels like we have something really good going on.

Tomma Intet´s debut album …And the Fallen Universe was got a great review at music website HYMN last year. You can read the review here.

On your Facebook it says that you are a collective with an undefined number of members, how many are you really?
-Well, it has always been important to us to strive forward and to be open to collaborations, Mange says. We don’t want to stop or stand still. We want to be able to do whatever the hell we want to do without losing the nice red thread we have for that matter. We have all played in numerous of bands before and the music and creativity have then been molded all together and stayed that way. We think it´s boring. There are both pros and cons to it thou. The disadvantages that we´ve experienced have resulted in such wonderful events such as mental hospital, failed bodily functions and Södersjukhuset in Stockholm. In Tomma Intet there is no need to sabotage creativity or fun. It should mix all perfectly together. If someone cannot join and play a gig, then someone else jumps in. No hard feelings.

What will happen next in addition to the Fekete Zaj Festival?
-We will prepare for album number two. We have about 18 songs that we feel for but the idea is to release a record of 10 songs. For example, fantastic Virginia & The Flood makes a guest apperance. Then we want to play as much as possible so book us all you lovely booker s and promoters out there.

How do you get going for Fekete Zaj and what does the gig mean to you?
-We manage to drink a lot of strong beaverage and this weekend´s Way Out West Festival in Gothenburg. We´re planning to do the city of Budapest and pretty much everything could happen then. (Let´s hope it´s not the mental hospital this time!) The show at Fekete Zaj means a lot to us and it will be an great experience to see Hungary. We have played most of the countries in Europe over the past years but for me it´s the first time in Hungary.


Anything else you want to add?
-Listen to and spread the spirit of Tomma Intet. Buy our records and merch if you have the money. Mange is to be a DJ at Pustervik with the legend Jonk now on Saturday (August 10) between 14-16 and will have records for sale. Then he plays bass with Virginia and The Flood at midnight at Oceanien. Don´t miss out!

Words: Püssygrinder LaGrange

More info:
Tomma Intet website
Tomma Intet Facebook

Fekete Zaj Festival website


See you at Gothenburg Culture Festival!

Woah! Gothenburg Culture Festival is just around the corner and Westside Music Sweden will be having not one but THREE program entries. With more than 1 million visitors Gothenburg Culture Festival is one of Scandinavia’s biggest cultural festivals.

We’re starting on Wednesday August 7 at 14:00 sharp at Göteborgs Stadsbibliotek with Viva Talks, a conversation about music and culture. This time we’re focusing on the Danish scene and have invited Annette Reinhardt and Jesper Mardahl from Denmark. Annette is live-manager at Råhuset in Copenhagen, a scene that books 200 concert days annually. Råhuset is a part of the unit DIT:KHB, a unit that covers six live stages in the city: Råhuset, Underverket, Musikcafeen, Aula, Basement and Krudttønden. The focus is on alternative culture, new music och development of the music scene. Jesper works at Promus, a competence centre developing Århus as a music city, through many different activities. Promus is involved in the acknowledged Spot Festival’s conference division Spot+. Along with Fredrik Sandsten, who works with music, culture and e-sport at Göteborg & Co, we believe in a good and open conversation based on the prerequisites for music and culture in the two countries. Moderator is Tatiana Madrid, Communications Manager at KulturUngdom Gothenburg.

Then we head over to Brewhouse for Gbg Pop Night starting at 18:00 where acts like Paradisäppelvägen, Manx and Beverly Kills will perform.


Paradisäppelvägen formed in 2013 and writes and produces their own music with influences from Swedish, British and American folk music. They´re actually doing two gigs at the Gothenburg Culture Festival. We called up Hugo who sings and plays guitar.

What have Paradisäppelvägen been up to this year?
-In April we released the album ”Den som skriker högst” through the service Amuse. We recorded everything ourselves in our home studio in Alingsås. We celebrated with a successful release party at Aftonstjärnan in Gothenburg. Then we have been a support act to Ebbot Lundberg and guitarist Johan has become a dad for the second time.

How do you plan to get ready for the Brewhouse gig?
-It feels great to play at Brewhouse! We will play some croquet in Slottsskogen during the daytime. It´s a true gentleman’s sport that can be combined with intoxicants very well! We hope as many people as possible will come and watch us!

Beverly Kills. Photo by Jakob Ekvall.

Beverly Kills is a post-punk/indie pop band from Gothenburg. Latest singles ‘Revellers’ and  ‘In This Dim Light’ was released this spring on 7″ vinyl through Australian record company Hell Beach Records. In March they opened for Västerbron and in May we sent them to perform at Danish SPOT Festival. They’ve been to Germany with the band Westkust and recently they were in Norway and played at Indiefjord. We had a few words with John and Alma.

What have Beverly Kills done this year?
We started the year playing at Thirst Trap Club here in town.
Alma: Yes, and the same evening we signed a contract with the record company Welfare Sounds, which we will start working with this fall. For ´In This Dim Light´ we also did a music video that we were really happy with. Even so pleased that we rented Bengans café and had a show for it when we released the song on vinyl. Before that, we started recording our first EP as well. And now we are here!

What’s going on besides the Brewhouse gig?
We have gigs almost every weekend until mid-October so far! Then we should release the EP sometime too.
Alma: There will also be a trip to Norway for the third time this year, to the Norwegian festival Sørveiv. And then there will be a few more surprises along the way.

How do you plan to get ready for the Brewhouse gig?
Our Australian record company comes from across the globe and watch us, it’s going to be quite big for us.
Alma: Yeah, we feel a little nervous because he has never seen us live before. But we´ll start the day by having champagne breakfast and reworking the setlist. We will ditch to some old songs and say hello to some new ones. At least we’re going to play a whole new song, so new that it’s not even on the upcoming EP.
John: It will be fun to play again in Gothenburg after a two month break. Hope you have missed us as much as we have missed you!

MANX aka Maria Nyström.

Maria Nyström, aka MANX, has been producing and inventing quirky pop since 2006. Before MANX, she went under the name The Naima Train, a soft homespun Loop-project that started in early 2008 when Maria was 16 years old. For Maria, 2019 has completely dedicated to MANX. She is very eager to finally get to show everybody what MANX is all about.

What about 2019 so far?
-I have been recording a 6-track EP that will be released when summer has cooled down a bit.  It has been a lot of hard work, but the best part is all the great response that I´m starting to get now, all the sweat and blood has been worth it! Maria says.

MANX will also head abroad to play in Austria in September at the Waves Vienna Conference and Music Festival.
-But now we focus on Gothenburg Culture Festival and the gig att Brewhouse, I’m so looking forward to it, it has been a long time since I was there performing as The Naima Train.


Then we have the heavier evening, Distorted Music, on Saturday, August 10, starting at 18:00 also at Brewhouse. A huge collection of heavier bands, four of them from Gothenburg and its surroundings: Desiree and her Drunks, Blessings, Gamla Pengar and the headliners Skitsystem.

How do you feel about playing?
-We are of course psyched about playing Brewhouse and Gothenburg, says Fredrik Wallenberg who sings and plays guitar in Skitsystem.

-It’s always fun to play in Gothenburg, we just want to try to make sure everyone in the band  get there in time for soundcheck and such. It can be more difficult than you think. One of us is coming directly from an At the Gates gig in England and another one by train from Norrköping. We´ll keep our fingers crossed that trains and flights keep their schedules! Frankly I´m more concerned about the one departing from Norrköping than the one from London, he says laughing.

More infos:
Viva Talks Danish  – August 7, 14:00-15:00, Göteborg Stadsbibliotek
GBG Pop Night – August 7, 18:00-23:00, Brewhouse 
Distorted Music – August 10, 18:00-23:00, Brewhouse

Viva Talks Danish
GBG Pop Night
Distorted Music

Words: Püssygrinder LaGrange

I wake up with a tune in my head and fall asleep with tinnitus

Summer is here and that equals festival season. We called Simon Frisk, singer in Ignore the Elephant up to talk about upcoming events NGOM Fest in Prizren, Kosovo and Summer in the City in Copenhagen, Denmark.

So, how do you feel about these festivals?
– Oh man, it will be so much fun! We look very much forward to getting out and about and it will be really exciting with NGOM fest and Kosovo. We are very happy that we got the chance to do this through Westside Music Sweden!

How has the year been so far for Ignore the Elephant?
– We started the year playing at Pustervik, followed by a few gigs in the spring. We´ve recorded new stuff and even managed to make a music video,  Simon says.
– Our studio is located in a basement in Kålltorp, where Simon Möller, our guitarplayer does the recordings. From the beginning it was supposed to be a single, but now it might be an EP instead, we’ll see. But we hope to have it released later this summer or this fall. The music video is filmed by Patrik Boyton, done with a script and actors and all that. We´re very proud of it.

In addition to playing abroad at NGOM fest and Summer in the City, the band is looking forward to returning to Elinorspelen just outside Uddevalla in August.
– Yes, it will be amazing playing out in the countryside again, Simon continues. When we played there last year we thought it would be at a club or something, but it was in a barn! It will be great to play there again.

Where do you see yourselves in say three years?
 – We´ve already been together playing for 5-6 years and I think we´ll still do what we do, I find it hard to see myself doing anything else, actually. You know I wake up with a tune in my head and fall asleep with tinnitus. I love to develop an idea to whole a song. And getting the chance to play live is magical that’s kind of why we play.

More infos: 

Ignore the Elephant
Summer in the City
Elinorspelen 2019

Words: Püssygrinder LaGrange
Photo: Milkdrop Studio

Roots, Bloody Roots!

Much has happened to Lisa Wanloo this year. In February, she went and played at “Make it Loud” in Kiev, Ukraine which she described as “Cold as hell and everything was very, very brown. But still an awesome experience, Ukranie is not the first place you think of for gigs nor holidays.”

After that she went on a week-long tour in Denmark, Sweden and Norway together with Danish Marí and Norwegian Vi og Du. In May she supported both Berg and Bedragare and Vånna Inget, of which the latter gig was sold out.

How did it feel to play in your hometown Gothenburg again?
It was really nice to play at Sticky Fingers. A good stage with great sound, that evening was really successful. Before the Vånna Inget gig I felt it was a bit more nervous when we are quite different in our styles, but it was the organizer’s thought to dare mix and see what it gave. I think it’s fun to try new things. But I always feel nervous to play before people that I know.

Bill for Bloody Roots Festival

Now it’s time for the summer adventures and first out is Bloody Roots in the Netherlands. Bloody Roots focuses mainly on the Americana, Blues and Real Roots genres. Lisa’s music may not be quite distinct those, but she has a good feeling for the festival and has the idea that she will fit well on the bill. It is the first time in the Netherlands and she will stay a few more days in Amsterdam.

“I got the impression that Copenhagen, on the other hand, is more serious. They have been super good with everything as technology and time-sheet and all that stuff. It really feels more like a showcase gig. But it’s fun with the contrast between the both. Some are chill and others are more serious. But at the same time it feels safe that they are so careful, then there will rarely be any troublesome surprises or “last minute” solutions when you arrive.”

Lisa Wanloo picked up a guitar about four years ago. “I had not done so much until I was 26, today I am 30. In the beginning I could neither sing, write music nor play guitar but it has grown ever since. I am curious and I am trying not to stop developing.” The first gig took place at a café at Järntorget, 2017. “I was really nervous, I am always nervous and even scared but I am trying to work a lot with myself. It is important to challenge yourself so you grow. ” She continues; “Now I have started to think more about how it should sound live. In the beginning I did not think of it at all, but the more I learned about everything technically, I get more to “my sound”, plus I develop my artistic side.

When can we expect new material?
“I have some stuff going on, I will record some demos, drop some singles and slowly start working on an album. I would love to cooperate with others, but I do not know yet in what way. It’s about maybe finding me a “band” – someone who can play different instruments, right now my boyfriend Kim (Ruiz) plays with me on some songs live and it works fine. But it would have been nice to get some help with everything around. “I hope to release new material in the fall, hopefully I will find someone who wants to put it out, otherwise I´ll do it myself. Kim (Ruiz) will record my songs this time. The first recording took place in Welfare Studios together with Per Stålberg. Lisa was very satisfied with it but this time she wants to be more involved in the process. “Per really understands music, he is absolutely fantastic. Very pinpoint with the sound. So I take this with me and hope to be able to develop even more with the next recording.”

Words: Püssygrinder LaGrange
Photo: Zainab Arshad

Lisa Wanloo

Where: Bloody Roots July 13 – Groningen, The Netherlands

Copenhagen Songwriters Festival August 29 – Copenhagen, Denmark




Our focus is set on Wales!

We are happy to be back at Focus Wales – and this time with our very own stage! Let’s make a trip with Telos Vision, Agent Blå and The Bongo Club.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name “Wales”? A piece of land next to England? Ridiculously over payed football star Gareth Bale? Well, it shouldn’t be. It should be music. It should be Focus Wales. Based in the northern city of Wrexham, it’s basically at a walking distance from both Manchester and Liverpool, and a great place to visit.

This year we are happy to showcase three Swedish acts on our very own stage at Tŷ Pawb! First out is no other than Telos Vision, one of the latest signings of Gothenburg label Welfare Sounds. And for front man, guitarist, singer and visionary Teodor Boogh, Focus Wales is afirst one.

− I have never played a showcase gig before, so I just hope that it’s a festival where you get to meet people like yourself. The people that have seen us earlier likes us, and to spread my music in a new context, without knowing what’s going to happen, is really exciting! Usually a quartet but now, for the first time ever, Telos Vision will be performing as a trio. Meaning that the audience in Wales are in for a special treat!

− It’s going to a be a unique show. Intense, sweaty and with a great deal of guitar solos! It’s always a pleasure playing in front of new people, just to get up on stage and into the eye of the storm. A storm, that’s basically what Focus Wales is to the city of Wrexham. Showdown is between May 16 and 18, filling the city with more than 200 acts on 20 stages. Quite the invasion for a place with just over 60 000 inhabitants.

Accompanying Telos Vision we got our own special agent; Agent Blå. This time on amission in Wales, band member Tobias Bauer walks us through the preparations and expectations.
− It’s time to discover Wales, play some music and pet some sheep!

With their shiny new album Morning Thoughts just being released the timing couldn’t be better for Agent Blå to travel to Focus Wales. And to play on the British islands seems like a match made in heaven.
− We often get compared with British bands, so hopefully they´ll recognize our sound but at same time find something new in it. From there it’s just about meeting new people, establish contacts and play our music for a broader audience.
We got it all. Guitar solos, British sounds and new music. Hook, line and sinker. Catch Telos Vision, Agent Blå and The Bongo Club live at Tŷ Pawb on May 16, at 6 pm.


Have a listen:
Telos Vision:
Agent Blå:
The Bongo Club:

Words: Wolfman Jackson

Una bolsa viene cargada de rock!

Time to cross the Atlantic for the land with tequila, sombreros and the most streams in the world – Mexico! Bottlecap from Gothenburg will represent Westside Music Sweden at Festival Marvin, CDMX, May 16-18, our third year proudly part of this event. We had a little talk with singer and guitar player, Gustavo Påhlsson.

So, El Gustavo, tu bailando y loca cucaracha, what’s up?
– Everything’s great, I’m at home waiting for UPS to deliver some of our CD’s, they’ve should have been delivered yesterday, but they couldn’t find my name on the package, so here I am, waiting.

You´re playing both at the Festival Marvin, CDMX and doing five shows outside Mexico City as well. How have you prepared yourself and what is your expectations on the festival and the tour?
– Well, we have rehearsed a lot, mostly very short but extremely intense, that’s how we want it, a hell of an intense show! You always feel a bit insecure when flying with your gear so we hope it will arrive sound and well in Mexico. Our drummer Pontus has built a special case for both the guitar and bass. It looks awesome! Other than that we are looking forward to some nice and (hopefully!) warm summer weather. We’re excited for the festival gig and of course the tour as well, keeping our fingers crossed no one of us will get stomach sick, haha.

It’s Bottlecaps first time in Mexico, some of them have been to South America before, but they all feel this will be a bit different, in a good way. The other bands that will tour with them are Dresden Wolves and 3 Minute Riot and they all seem to be a good bunch of people according to Gustav.
– They have taken care of everything, even printing the shirts for the tour, can you imagine that? And, there is a beer coming out with our name on it! We feel like rockstars and nothing we expected to happen. Really cool.


The homemade case made by drummer Pontus.

Bottlecap have had a busy spring with a single coming out, shooting a video and getting an album deal sorted with Zorch Productions.
– It’s funny,we celebrate 11 years as a band and it took us 10,5 year to get a record out through a label, but now it’s finally happening. The label debut will be out in September and one more single will be released this summer.

So why did it take you so long?
– Oh, guess we didn’t have the right connections really, but after we played Viva Sounds last December, we meet Zorch Productions and yeah, here we are. It feels great.

Zorch Productions wasn’t the only ones who had an eye on Bottlecap during Viva Sounds and they got the festival gig trough the show they did at The Abyss as well – as Festival Marvin were invited to spot any talent they liked. The last single “Off Pressure” was put out through Zorch and it’s been well received with a lot of streams on Spotify.
– I think that’s how you measure success nowadays?” Gustav responds.

We like to add that a festival invitation in Mexico might be ok as a measurement on success as well, and you catch them like this if you’re on the other side of the Atlantic, the most beautiful ocean of them all, with some extra stuff, not announced, coming up as well —>

05.18 @ Festival Marvin, Mexico City
05.23 @ Más Sabe El Diablo Cultubra, Queretaro
05.24 @ Ummagumma Pub, Aguascalientes
05.25 @ Anexo Indepencia, Guadalajara

Bottlecap /

NEW VIDEO – Off Pressure /

Festival Marvin – Mexico City /
Revista Marvin –

Violencia River /
Dresden Wolves /
3 Minute Riot /

Words: Püssygrinder LaGrange

A greater escape than Brexit

500 emerging artists from all around the globe, more than 30 venues and a festival site on Brighton Beach. The Great Escape is not to be missed by the music lover, and we got Linn Koch-Emmery and The Bongo Club in the middle of it, part of ÅÄÖ Sounds Swedish. 

Over the years The Alternative Escape, the spotlight shows of The Great Escape in Brighton, have been showcasing bands and artists like ALT J, Seinabo Sey, Tom Odell, Royal Blood and many more. The festival, and the opportunity to play it, is something extra to say the least. But Linn Koch-Emmery is something extra as well, and according to many prophets of music 2019 is her year. A statement she is more than happy to acknowledge.
− Everything you read in the paper is true!

It’s been a busy year for Linn so far and the show in Brighton takes the total number up to 20. And although she’s on everyone’s lips and the festival is packed with people from the industry, Linn is down to earth, easy in her way and relaxed.
− Since Brexit is happening, I don’t feel any stress over that at all.

Nothing seems to stop her, all she needs to do is to remember the songs.
− And to tune my guitar! In my head the weather is going to be nice, which is something to look forward to.

We look forward to catch Linn Koch-Emmery and The Bongo Club live at the ÅÄÖ – Sounds Swedish Showcase, Saturday May 11 at Door 77.
The full schedule on the link below;

Words: Wolfman Jackson (not apologizing for the heading btw)