¡Viva Espania!

So what exactly are the representatives from Westside Music Sweden doing on all these festivals around the world? Let´s talk about upcoming BIME Festival in Bilbao, Spain, where Beverly Kills hope to make a mark on the Spanish soil.

BIME started out in 2013 with it´s sights set on the music of the future, reaching out to America. Today it is a meeting point for all kinds of professionals from more than 30 different countries, working in all areas of music and other cultural and creative industries. It is a space for connecting continents, doing business, sharing knowledge and discovering the latest innovations in anything and everything directly or indirectly related to music. You can divide BIME into three different parts;

BIME PRO consists of a general program with talks and conferences by professionals from all fields of the creative industries. BIME CITY where Europe and Latin America’s 50 hottest new talent bands and artists will be taking the stage at ten of some of Bilbao’s most iconic venues, crossing borders to delight the city’s public. It will be a unique showcase for the headliners of future festivals, and the concerts are totally free.


The 2-day BIME Live event welcomes the current music scene’s top performers and upcoming promises on both the local and international scene, making it one of Europe’s biggest indoor festivals, with footfall from Spain and abroad. Past events included shows by Imagine Dragons, Crystal Fighters, The National, PJ Harvey, Suede, Aphex Twin, Mogwai, Nina Kraviz, La Roux, Jon Hopkins, Slowdive & The Chemical Brothers.

BIME PRO is launching this year the first meeting of Iberoamerican music fairs. In it´s quest to connect continents and reach out to the Latin American industry, BIME PRO’s next edition will feature the AMCS—Atlantic Music Conferences Symposium, bringing together ten fairs from different countries in Ibero-America.

AMCS wants to serve as a starting point for creating synergies between music industry knowledge hubs on both sides of the Atlantic. These hubs are meeting points for industry professionals, and where the most relevant music conferences in the Latin and Iberian scene take place. And it´s on AMCS we at Westside want to make great connections in arranged networking opportunities such as speed meetings, panel talks and discussions so that we in 2020 can make bands and artists from Gothenburg go further around the world.


Beverly Kills

Words: Püssygrinder LaGrange


Big in Japan

Neon lights, sushi, crazy zombie movies and Rock N Roll – you get it all in The Land of The Rising Sun. But what’s unique with late 2019? Well, for the first time ever a Westside-band will pleasure the locals with distorted guitars.

It’s time to cross off yet another far-away-country for the boys in The Bongo Club. With nine shows in seven cities coming up in Japan (starting with a Halloween party in Tokyo) they’re about to experience a childhood dream. A fact confirmed by guitarist Erik Ahlblom.
– The thought of arriving at the airport together with the band, ready to rock the shit out of Japan, has been an exceptionally popular daydream ever since I first picked up a guitar, he says.

With hundreds of shows done in the past one might think that The Bongo Club have seen it all. But there seems to be something special with Japan, thou putting your finger on it might prove to be hard.
– None of us have been there before. I guess the whole country just appears to be a fast-paced neon explosion of madness, says Erik Ahlblom.

Neon explosion of madness, a good match considering The Bongo Club is a Live Rock Explosion. With the first show going down on October 31 in Tokyo, the tour is a perfect promotion for the bands’ new single, dropping November 15 on The Bank. And more new music can be expected within the next few months. Which begs the question: What’s the aim with touring the country in the east?
-Hard to say. If our shows sold out and the tour resulted in a bit of the old fashioned Japanese hype – we would obviously be four very happy birdbrains from Borås. Although right now, we should probably start learning some key phrases in Japanese ASAP since we travel without a tour manager this time, says Erik Ahlblom.

The Bongo Club are up for a Tokyo Drift, to say the least – never ending gears and full speed ahead. Don’t forget to catch them live in Gothenburg on Viva Sounds in December.


Words: Wolfman Jackson

Viva Talks German

This year’s last Viva Talks is hosted by Popup Records from Hamburg, a company which has been around since 2001 and is extremely well established in the German market. Popup Records will be in Gothenburg all day this Wednesday – and artists and companies have had the chance to book meetings with the company’s three representatives, Jan, Giuliana and Quirin.

Popup Records is a record label and works with distribution, promotion, artist booking, publishing and concerts – pretty much everything!

The panel is conducted as usual in the dining room at Pustervik between 18.00-19.30, and all meetings have been booked between 09.30 and 16.00. There is still time to have a chat with any of the representatives after the panel discussion.

The panel consists of:

▪ Jan Köpke: started the company and has operated Popup since 2001.

▪ Giuliana Jacobi: label management, radio PR and social media.

▪ Quirin Fischer: PR and marketing, radio PR and online.

The panel is led by the eminent Christian Naumanen.

Popup Records is now one of Germany’s leading public relations agencies and distribution labels for indie, electronic and alternative pop. The booking department was started in 2006 and has grown steadily to work with about 50 well-selected international and national artists today.

Popup offers customized promotional and marketing campaigns for its customers and can, with their knowledge and experience, as well as the advantage of being a “360 company”, also offer individual solutions for distribution and publishing activities in the GSA territory. The company also books artists for festivals and is involved in Record Store Day for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Viva Talks is free and is aimed for musicians, music organizers, music companies and music enthusiasts. We think that it is about time that there is a given after work in a good place like Pustervik for everyone who likes and loves music, and who want to meet and talk music.

Pustervik – Wednesday October 23 – 18.00 – 19.30
Facebook Event 
Popup Records




Et lille spillested med et stort hjerte

Westside Music Sweden have always had a soft spot for Denmark, and especially for a wonderful little place called Råhuset. A small, atmospheric venue with a big heart were we have had great collabs for a long time now.

Råhuset is located in the center of Copenhagen, only 5 minutes from the Central Station. Råhuset is located in the old veterinary inspection, which is part of  “Den Brune Kødby” – hence the name also originated.

Den Brune Kødby was built by the City of Copenhagen in 1879. Here the Copenhagen butchery industry was gathered. Since 2006, Råhuset has served as a venue, hosting more than 150 concerts a year. Over the years they have tried to renovate and furnish it into a well-functioning venue for the underground bands, where we have emphasized preserving the “raw”, unpolished and slightly interim visual expression, as it is part of the charm of the place.

They collaborate with a number of other organizers, including WonderWhy, Villa Råspåt, CPH Songwriters Festival, Cph Listening Room and many more. We had the pleasure to send both Lisa Wanloo and Fabian Brusk-Jahn to this year edition of CPH Songwriters Festival.

“It is a pleasure to collaborate with Westside Music Sweden, says Annette Reinhardt Njombua, manager at Råhuset.  “Always bringing bands and artists with lots of quality, new and inspiring music, diversity in genre and gender – and then there is ample opportunity to create networks for bands on both Danish and Swedish grounds.”

Viva talks danish
Annette were invited to Viva Talks Danish in August.

Råhuset has not settled on a particular genre. They range widely and there is the opportunity to listen to everything between rock, jazz, world music, electronic, punk, hip hop and classical. Råhuset supports the narrow and quirky genres and wants to contribute to being a focal point and developer of the music culture as well as investing in underground and growth layer culture at Vesterbro and Copenhagen.

Råhuset Facebook
Råhuset Instagram
Onkel Dannys Plads website

10.10  Tilde Hjelm @ Råhuset, Copenhagen, DK
10.16  Lisa Wanloo @ Tjili Pop, Copenhagen, DK
11.13  Paradisäppelvägen @ Tjili Pop, Copenhagen, DK
11.21  Baby Missiles @ Råhuset, Copenhagen, DK

One night in Bangkok

We´re getting closer to the end of the year 2019. On one hand you could think that we´re all laid back and set for Viva Sounds but on the other one that´s just too boring to be doing only that, so… we have one more ace up our sleeve for you!

Thailand is well-known for its delicious food, beautiful nature and rich cultural heritage, but they also wants to be recognized as a music tourism hotspot. We´ll be headed to Thailand for the brand new Bangkok Music City on 1-3th of November, and we’ll be taking the brilliant Arvid Nero with us.

‘Bangkok Music City’ or ‘BMC’ is a project co-founded by Fungjai – a music platform, media, event organizer and marketing agency; and NYLON Thailand – a media, publishing and event organizing company. Both of them are deeply involved in the local music scene of Thailand and understand it´s potential to become one of the nation’s economic drivers.

Both companies want to establish Thailand as a world-class music tourism destination as well as create a global platform for Thai and Southeast Asian musical artists. They also want to encourage international music business connections; and support the sustainable development of both Thailand and the region’s music industry.

Arvid Nero released his debut album “Mother Earth” in 2018 and received fine reviews from Dagens Nyheter, the Gothenburg Post and from Gaffa.  Musically, Arvid moves in a collection of different genres, from the deep, bluesy feeling through a well-worked soundscape. The songs are flirting with both country and soul. The lyrics build stories that are interwoven by a melancholy and highlighted by a voice that goes straight into your soul.

Arvid Nero on Facebook

Bangkok Music City on Facebook

TMB Records on Facebook

Westside Music Sweden on Facebook

Words: Püssygrinder LaGrange

East Meets West at Waves Vienna

Since the worldwide success of ABBA, Sweden is seen as one of the most successful nations when it comes to pop music. This weekend we will head towards Vienna and the Waves Vienna Music Festival & Conference. There, we will bring the most exciting new sounds in the form of Two Year Vaction, MANX and Linn Koch-Emmery. 

Maria Nyström, aka MANX, has made quirky pop since 2006. Before MANX, she went under the name The Naima Train, a soft homespun Loop-project that started in early 2008 when Maria was only 16 years old. For Maria, 2019 has completely dedicated to MANX. We had a few words with her.

So, how has the year been so far?
-Really cool! In 2018 no one knew about MANX and I didn’t have any expectations of what the response would be, and now it feels like anything is possible! I released my first two singles this spring and now an EP on September 27 just in time for Waves Vienna…  

What is the best thing with playing live?
-It’s that vibe that just appear that is hard to explain. When you know that your reaching people and it all makes sense. I get ALL my energy from that.

…and the worst thing?
-The hours before the show. I’ve got crazy nerves and always get so nervous that i’m nauseous and can’t really talk to anybody.

Anything in particular you’re looking forward to at Waves Vienna?
-Just to hang out and have fun. Never been to Vienna and neither has my band. And to see all the other bands! Well not all of them, maybe that will be difficult, since there are so many. But I’ve listen to the Waves Vienna playlist on Spotify and there is a lot of good shit!

What exciting stuff are you up to after Waves?
-As mentioned previously I’m releasing an EP this Friday so I will focus on promoting that one for a while, but there are already new songs in the making. Hopefully me and the band will get more opportunities to play in the rest of Europe!

The audience will also get the chance to exchange with important Swedish music professionals and discuss the formula of success of Swedish pop music. Since Sweden (along with Hungary) is one of this years focus countries there will be a panel where to find out more about the rich and lively Swedish music scene. Panel Focus Country Sweden”  Friday September 27, 10:00-11:00.

On Saturday 28, 16:00-17:00, it´s time for Gotta Get Swedish” where representatives from Westside Music Sweden and Talentcoach are happy to welcome old and new friends.  As one of the two focus countries six acts are presented at Waves Vienna by the two, namely: Linn Koch-Emmery, MANX and Two Year Vacation from Westside and Miss Sister, Hildur Höglind and Adée from Talentcoach.

Swedish singer/songwriter Linn-Koch Emmery mixes classis pop melodies with the likes of 90’s fuzzy guitar sounds and became a rapidly rising star in modern indie rock. After her debut EP “Boys” in 2017 she quickly gained attention on blogs and international media and several of her songs were played on the radio both at home and abroad. Since then, Linn Koch Emmery has toured throughout Europe and played shows and festivals in Mexico, the UK and the US.

Anything in particular you’re looking forward to at Waves Vienna?
-I want to visit that weird house, Hundertwasser Haus. But from former experience I guess I wont have time to see much more then the airport, the venue, the hotel and maybe the closest bar, says Linn.

Catch them if you can on September 28 at:
Linn Koch Emmery (SE)
20:15 – 21:00 Venue Ottakringer Stage

Two Year Vacation (SE)
21:00 – 21:45 Venue WUK Halle

Manx (SE)
21:15 – 2200 Venue Aula

Words: Püssygrinder LaGrange

Reeperbahn, Hamburg, huh.

It’s that time of the year again, when the streets get crowded and the bars fill up. No, not Christmas. This is better than all your Christmas celebrations combined – it’s time for Reeperbahn Festival.

Once again we’re heading to Hamburg together with four independent acts representing major sounds. Third year in a row at Reeperbahn Festival. Third year in a row at Pooca Bar. The place really feels like a second home by now and with just over a week left, we can’t wait for it all to begin. With us we have The Exorcist GBG, Pink Milk, Songs of Boda and Bror Gunnar Jansson. Let’s kick it!

We’ve seen them on bigger stages, equipped with monster speakers, strobes and lasers. But at Reeperbahn Festival and Pooca Bar The Exorcist GBG get the opposite, a tight venue which by 10 pm will be so hot and crowded that it’ll consist more of sweat than anything else, which is when you think about it, really what a club festival is all about. Another one with his mind set on Hamburg is Tentakel, drummer of The Exorcist GBG.
− We don’t care about stuff like stage size and capacity. Over the years we’ve been playing all sorts of places. The important thing is that we always try to amplify the energy from the crowd with 4000 Watt, says Tentakel.

Originating from the dark side of Gothenburg, The Exorcist GBG do seem like a good match for the Hamburg festival. And the fact that their latest single is called “Bahnhof” – well – it doesn’t really make things worse.
− Reeperbahn do have an aura of decadence, filth and party, which means it’s going to fit us perfectly, says Tentakel.

The Exorcist GBG is currently recording a new single, set to release later this fall or early next year. A good thing considering that Reeperbahn is the biggest club festival in Europe, with a lot of hungry industry people attending. Which by the way isn’t anything that causes any stress with the three exorcists.
− We’re just going to enjoy the festival and smoke a lot of cigarettes, says Tentakel.

Joining The Exorcist GBG on stage are Pink Milk, Songs of Boda and Bror Gunnar Jansson. A perfect combo between soft and hard, tears and dance.

Westside Music Sweden at RBF 2019

Wolfman Jackson

Viva Talks French!

We’re keeping on keeping on rolling internationally and welcome you to a new session of Viva Talks. Order a baguette, some ratatouille with champagne and kick back – it’s time to discover the French indie and underground scene.

Vive la France! During the first music-AW of the fall we’ll meet Benjamin Demelemester from BUREAU EXPORT in Paris, Marine Serpault from My Favorite Agency and the Swedish artist Bror Gunnar Jansson. The talk will be moderated by Tatiana Madrid.

Many Swedish artists tour Europe and almost everyone stops in countries like Germany and Spain. However, between these giants lies another country which is almost totally overlooked. VIVA Talks French will illuminate the indie and underground scene in France and ask the question: why are there so few Swedish acts touring the country – and how do we push those number up?

The panel consists of:

▪ Benjamin Demelemester, project leader, Le Bureau Export

▪ Marine Serpault, agent, My Favorite Agency

▪ Bror Gunnar Jansson, artist

▪ Tatiana Madrid – moderator

Benjamin has a history as a booking agent for Zamora Productions, where he for twelve years booked shows and tours for the agency’s artists. Nowadays you’ll find him as project leader for Le Bureau Export, the French export office for music which started in 1993. Le Bureau Export has laid the impressive foundation for how todays export offices all over the world function. You’ll find their mothership in Paris and their international offices in Berlin, London, New York and São Paolo. It sure would be hard to find someone more familiar with the French market than Benjamin.

As a booking agent, manager and promoter, Marine Serpault has worked for companies such as Savoir Faire, Bi Pole and Wartiste, today you’ll find her at My Favorite Agency. She’s involved in a bunch of different festivals, like Telerama Dub Festival and the new Rock Arabe Festival, which she started together with Guido Cesarsky from the band Acid Arab. Marine has an interest in developing her artists internationally and is always keen to explore other networks within the world of music.

Since 2012 Bror Gunnar has released three albums and one EP, together with a lot of touring as a one-man-band. The music places itself somewhere between dark folk and blues, an area where he’s unthreatened. Bror Gunnar has so far achieved his greatest success in France where he’s been touring diligently since 2014, including having two records being picked up by French Canal+ as “record of the week”. French Rolling Stone Magazine, Elle, Les Inrockuptibles and France Inter have all mentioned him, publicity which have helped him reach the bigger festivals of the country. Next album will be released on September 20 and this fall you’ll once more be able to see him out on tour, starting at Reeperbahn Festival on September 19. 

Pustervik – Wednesday September 11 – 18.00 – 19.30
Facebook Event
Pustervik Calendar

Gettin´ready for Zandari Festa

This year is the 8th edition of the Zandari Festa, that´s all about “listen to music, drink beer and make friends”. With over 100 teams of musicians from 20 countries, it may be alot of beer and friends… Get to know Janice Prix a little bit better who will deliver the goods this year.

So, who are Janice Prix?
We’re a four-piece band based in Gothenburg and we play alternative pop. We aim to make dark and cinematic songs, often revolving around heavy themes. We’ve been playing together since 2013 and started out in a small industrial town north of Gothenburg called Trollhättan. The local music scene there, which was dominated by punk, metal and hardcore, didn’t exactly embrace our musical differences and some of our ambition were forged in that opposition. To give an example: one day we arrived at the studio to find fake obituaries of each member’s name nailed to the front door.

What have you been up to in 2019?
We just finished up our debut album that comes out early next year. It has been a quite stressful period recording and filming music videos at the same time we’ve been doing live shows and PR for the singles and EP we released this summer. We have learned a great deal and we’ve met a lot of talented people in different places around Sweden and Europe.

We recorded the album together with Stefan Boman at the legendary Park Studios aka ‘Psykbunkern’ which was owned by our childhood heroes Kent. It was a dream come true to work in their studio along with their producer.

How do you prepare for Zandari Festa and have anyone of you been there before?
We’re rehearsing our live show, trying to get used to low alcohol beer and study polite Korean phrases. It’s the first time for us going there and we look very much forward to experience the Korean culture. The shows will hopefully be packed, sweaty and euphoric. Our bass player MK, who has toured China before, hope there will be dedicated music fans in Korea just like in China.

What happens after Zandari Festa?
We’ll release a couple of singles followed by our debut album in early 2020. We hope to go to as many places we can to promote our music and are already planning the recordings of new songs.

Follow their trip to South Korea through social media:
Janice Prix Facebook
Janice Prix website

Read more about:
Zandari Festa

Words: Pussygrinder LaGrange

Caribbean kraut and American pancakes

The band Two Year Vacation has been up to a lot more things this past year than their band name says. Their music is a fascinating blend of rock, Caribbean kraut, and disco that will make you dance with glee. We had a talk with Max Hessman, keyboard.

 Tell us about the past year, what has Two Year Vacation been up to?
-Oh, where to start? We´ve released four singles, one record, went on two tours, been in the US, signed two record contracts, started collaborating with a new music publisher, became poster boys for a car company and played for our biggest audience so far. It has been incredibly fun and exciting, but also scary and very stressful.

Best: Getting to meet all those wonderful people who listen to our music. Worst: To commute to Hamburg every other weekend where our record company, Clouds Hill is located.

You went with Westside Music Sweden to Musexpo, how was it?
-Los Angeles was something completely different, most of us had never been to the United States before, so most of it was a whole new experience. When the journey started, we had already been out playing for a week. Once at the LA airport, David got taken in by US Customs and Border Protection. They took his phone and refused to let us talk to him, we had to wait for almost three hours before they let him out. We had already started to discuss if we could learn someone from our management to play drums. Nothing bad about their percussion skills, but we were so relieved when they released David from their “mini-Guantanamo”.

-In order not to be too long-winded, I would like to summarize the overall impression with some buzzwords: burgers, pancake breakfast, mile-long streets that not really are made for walking.

-The highlight of the trip was still the gig at SIR studios which was the very reason we were there. We were a little nervous just before the gig, it was all empty in front of the stage! Have we travelled all this way to play for no one?! But when we got up on stage it was packed, and we gave the very best of us. We got an incredibly nice response from the crowd; many came by after the show and wanted to thank us! Los Angeles was insane fun but very strange at the same time. When we got home we longed back.

What will happen next in addition to Obstwiesenfestival and Waves Vienna?
-First, we have extended the trip to Obstwiesenfestival so we do a few more festivals on the same trip, including one called Schlossfest in Aulendorf.

Then a pretty intense period of writing and recording will follow, Max says. I do not want to say too much, but we have already come a bit along the way, so we will try to finish it as soon as we can.

After Waves Vienna we move on to Budapest for a little “office party” for the band, doing thermal baths, swimming, drinking, hanging together and talking new ideas simply. The next trip down to the continent will be at New Year´s Eve when we will help the Germans celebrate the start for 2020.

How do you boot up for the gig and what do they mean to you?
-We have a few different rituals, but all of them are about letting go of everything that isn´t relevant and just being a good band. It may sound pompous, but you get pretty humble when you know that people have paid a lot of money to see your band.

The gigs mean a lot to us, it’s a gigantic discharge to go out there and play live. And that someone wants to come and listen is such an incredibly strong experience that stays with you for weeks.

The rock myth is just a myth, much of the time in such an active band like us is in front of a computer screen, either connected to a mixing table or to a webcam meeting.

On the US theme,  here is a recipe for American pancakes from a cowboy Max knows:

1 egg
1 cup flour
1 cup milk / oat milk (this comes from a milk allergy cowboy)
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon melted butter / oil

Mix the wet and the dry stuff separately, then stir it together but KEEP THE LUMPS! Fry it on high heat and serve with butter, syrup and bacon (if you are a meat eater). Mandatory together with coffee. I recommend a personal favorite from Total Jävla Mörkers merch: Total Jävla Mörkrost.

Words: Püssygrinder LaGrange