Agenda – what we do

Westside Music Sweden (WMS) works with support and export of music originating from west Sweden, or represented by actors from the area. We hope to speed up the process regarding development and establishment for music companies and artists that are active internationally, by being on site where it’s relevant. WMS also brings promoters, venues and festivals together, with the interest of reaching more international artists for the region.

WMS will be present at festivals and conferences in Europe, and beyond, with both artists and its representatives to further spread the talent that is growing at home and represented by professionals from the area.

WMS also hosts its own event, Viva Sounds, a music conference and club festival in Gothenburg. Viva Sounds is international in the sense that most panels are in English and for the coming years we hope to make the event relevant for people from many markets and countries, and we’re open to co-ops with similar events in other markets.