Naam Barroselas
Braga, PT

Ricardo Veiga got into music via fanzines, radio, shows and bands at an early age and went on to form the NAAM Association in 1999 and he flips his title being a booking agent, a manager, a talent buyer, a promoter and a festival director. Today NAAM is the common denominator for several major events in the north of Portugal, including SWR BARROSELAS METALFEST, one of the oldest and most respected metal festivals in Europe, running for 22 consecutive editions since 1998. 50 bands in 3 stages during 4 days, ranging from all over the world and bringing the best in extreme music, from main acts to upcoming bands and also hosting the national final for the Wacken Metal Battle in Portugal.

BRAGA MUSIC WEEK is a 9-day event celebrating the International Music Day and runs and includes shows in the historic city streets with a mobile sound system, a football cup between local musicians and promoters, club shows and showcases in local pubs and cafes, music fairs, cinema and talks. Latest up on the plate of NAAM is Soundville – an eco-friendly-festival around the beautiful Neiva river, connecting the margins of different districts with Music and Nature. It started in 2017 and won various prizes for his sustainability and preservation of the environment.

As a manager Ricardo works with the electronic duo ERMO, who mixes harsh beats and harmonies with slang Portuguese poetry. Considered the best Portuguese act in 2017, they are preparing the recording of the 3rd album and played recently most of the summer festivals in their home country and have also toured Brazil and Scandinavia.