Moderator, freelance writer, communication specialist
Gothenburg, Sweden

Her never ending curiosity has led Tatiana Madrid to exciting adventures and a work resumé that almost has it all. She has worked at the European snowboard magazine Method Mag in the Austrian Alps, hunted down news as a music journalist at the magazine GAFFA, worked for Roskilde Festival as a project manager, and owned her own bar and music venue Vansinnet in Gothenburg. She has worked for one of Sweden’s broadest and biggest music competition for youth, Musik Direkt/Imagine, worked as communication manager at KulturUngdom – and she has flipped burgers at one of Sweden’s most remote ski resorts, 25 miles north of the Arctic Circle. Why not, right?

Tatiana Madrid has interviewed international music artists such as Interpol, EMA and Wild Beasts, and cultural profiles such as the American author and artist Myriam Gurba, the 2017 International Press Freedom awardee Afrah Nasser, and the Swedish comedian and author Nanna Johansson.

Her passion for culture, literature and arts, paired with her history of working in the music and media production industry, comes well in handy when moderating conferences and events as this year’s Viva Sounds.