Delli Music Group
Göteborg, SE

Alsad Kozar got into hiphop at young age and released his first mixtape under his nickname Adoo in 2010. After some active years he took a break from music and got back 2013 with his label Delli Music Group. From the start of Delli the aim was to release his own stuff, but also to sign other talents to the label.
His business model now is to work with a handful of artists and sign them on short contracts with other labels, matching the right artist and the right song to the right partner on different projects. Delli Music Group makes everything around the product and all content needed and leaves promotion and distribution under license to other labels. This way they also put some pressure on the bigger labels they work with and it seems to be working. His own songs has passed 10 million streams on Spotify, and yet Delli Music Group is only getting started.