Mystic Sons
London, UK

James is the director and founder of Mystic Sons, a music press and radio company and at the same time an online magazine. Mystic Sons works with traditional national Press and radio services in the UK, alongside digital marketing including tastemaker online blogging and Spotify playlist plugging. Over the years James has history of working and developing artists such as Gary Numan, Squarepusher, Swim Deep and Leftfield alongside Swedish artists Teddybears, Veronica Maggio, Jennie Abrahamson, Dolores Haze, Linnea Olsson, Flora Cash and Summer Heart to name a few.
James’ background is in music teaching and lecturing at the University of Sunderland, supported with a complete Master Of Arts Degree in Music Business and Education. Just recently James also founded Silent Kid, a new record label focusing on digital and vinyl releases.