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LIVE: 21:00 – Friday
VENUE: The Abyss

So you think you can dance? No? Bottlecap don’t make judgement about moving to music due to beer infusion and noise explosion. If you like a wild show, you will love them. If you like rock’n’roll you will love them. If you like the feeling of not knowing what will happen, well yes, then you will definitely love them. This is a band just writing great songs and doing furious live performances, they don’t even know themselves what will happen.

Knowing how to move has taken this band to do 500 shows all over Europe and in support of the 2016 EP YOU KNOW I’M WALKING ON ICE the band went on two separate tours, taking them to eight countries. In May 2017 the band broke the European border and went on to do a tour in Australia, playing at CherryRock on AC/DC Lane in Melbourne.

The new single CANNOT SEE is a melodic, liberating and intense rock song that combines angry guitar riffs with a high pitch Prince-esque falsetto. The track works itself around the subject of blindness, connected to both eyesight and heart, and will – for many – most definitley be a reminder about the struggle of real life in an urban environment. A refusal to accept the unacceptable. CANNOT SEE is the first single from BOTTLECAP’s upcoming album.

The trio from Gothenburg loves being loud, fast and filled up with energy to the rim. Straight ahead. And in the kisser, so to speak. The perfect address for everyone devoted to furious shows and liberating rock ‘n’ roll. Straight to the soul.