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LIVE: 21:30 – Friday
VENUE: Bengans Fik

Music for the northern lights – that’s how Rut Sandbladh likes to describe her melancholic synthpop. Her debut EP was released in 2016 and named “Norrbotten” to celebrate her upbringing in the north.

It wasn’t until her next single “Nattdjur” though, released in 2017, that she started to gain people’s attention. It was picked up by Gaffa who’s critic ”turned inte a ball of goosebumps” and gave the song 5 out of 6 stars. The song got praised in several Swedish and Scandinavian blogs, such as Hymn and Swede + Sour, and in 2018 she was nominated “Breakthrough of the year” for “Gaffa-priset”.

In august she opened the world’s first women-only festival Statement in Gothenburg with Vo PAM and 8 other female musicians singing the #metoo-song ”Vad dom än säger” and she’s thrilled to be back in town for Viva Sounds.