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LIVE: 19:30 – Friday
VENUE: Moon Mother

It was out of a lonely hopelessness that Moon Mother was born in 2014 when two people needed a friend and a light the most. Out of a darkness that wanted to destroy everything, a dream was born with a hope and a promise that sang songs that if we kept going for what we wanted, maybe life didn’t have to seem so pale and so blue all the time. Cause when music came to be a part of our lives it created a new room for joy and excitement.

After struggling to find the right members in the beginning, everything fell into place a year ago when the right people finally joined and Moon Mother took it’s current shape. It’s a soulful rock n’ rollexperience with a touch of doom and roots in blues, swing and groovy riffs. Inspired by everything around us and everything inside us we’re here to drop some Riffcraft upon planet Earth.