Wilfrido “Uili Damage” Osuna
Revista Marvin / Festival Marvin
Mexico City, MX

With a lifetime within music inner and outer lines, Uili Damage credentials fits best into the “reinassance man” category: radio host, musician, advertising creative, DJ, amateur actor, chief editor for Marvin Magazine, music producer, publisher, science and fashion enthusiast, Mexico City’s stand-up comedy scene chronicler and promoter, digital artist, and curator-booker for Festival Marvin.

Uili grew up in Distrito Federal (Mexico City), always with an eye and an ear catching signals and images from around the world. As editor in chief for the Marvin Media Platform, his forward-thinking approach to defining human expression spans a wide range of culture bursts that start from the music axis but encompass the exploration of the old and the new, the universal and the particular, the inspirational and the reflexive, but always, the exciting.

As of today, his main focus relies in keep pushing Marvin platform to broaden influential niches and revalue the most relevant of the consolidated. Under his close supervision, Marvin looks to present different, strong, and both growing and trendsetting contents – a philosophy that has brought to life not only Marvin Magazine and Marvin Digital, but also #RockParaLeer and #TintaSonora book series, #MarvinEncore live sessions, and of course, #FestivalMarvin.