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LIVE: 23:00 – Friday
VENUE: Café Hängmattan

Since the release of their internationally acclaimed debut single “Fourteen”, Beverly Kills has been named of the most energetic and emotionally charged live bands in Gothenburg. While maintaining the charm of Gothenburg’s typical pop sound, they seamlessly combine it with a post-punk approach in the veins of Bloc Party and Placebo. The band’s latest single got them praised as “Sweden’s next great band” by Canadian magazine The Revue, as well as the song itself being called “proof of their potential” by the music blog Wickedd Childd from Australia. All of their songs so far has been recorded at the locally famed Welfare Studios, and worked with the same producers that recorded Division of Laura Lee and The Mary Onettes, among others. VIVA Sounds coincides with their next single release on December 5th, continuing to build up their already substantial amount of momentum. With all of this in mind, and since their set on the festival will also feature a debut of brand new material, Beverly Kills are guaranteed to convince you why they’re on their way to becoming a household name in Swedish indie pop and post-punk.