Beardmen Agency Group
Skövde, SE

Robin started up Beardmen 2014 with a close friend because of the non-existence of live music in their hometown of Skövde, so they just had to do things themselves. These days the activities runs all year round, with smaller gigs to bigger, and the goal is same as it was from the start – to promote great live music regardless of how big/small the artist is.

Last years Beardmen have involved artist management services and now do both live music and management, working with five artists. Via the club activities Beardmen have a good network with different venues and can always find the perfect spot for a live performance. Since the start there have been some 200 shows put on, getting live opportunities for 250-300 performing artists.

Right now the group is in the final phase of planning the festival Skövde in Rock, taking place 2nd an 3rd of November. The idea of the festival is to book a few larger acts to highlight the less recognized ones, and as such, taking on a big risk for the whole operation. Either Beardmen will find out how it is to go from zero control to do a festival that runs well – or they will go from zero control to get why they should not do a festival at all. At Viva Sounds, we will all find out how it turns out.