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LIVE: 21:30 – Friday
VENUE: Bengans Fik

We are NORTHLIGHT, a Swedish rockband made out of four members and a great ambition to write music that truly touches people by their heart. We were formed in 2012 and inspired by bands like U2, Coldplay and Kings of Leon one might call us the smallest arena rock band in the world! There are no rules to our music, no limits, no sky nor ground, the only thing that matters is that it should sound fantastic and with our songs streamed over 600 000 times we seem to at least be doing okay so far. The
truly important part though in our ambition is what happens on stage. This will be our very first time playing in Gothenburg and we sure mean to make it memorable. Hope you are ready for our everything, for nothing but everything is what you will get!
See you on Viva Sounds!