Revista Marvin / Marvin Festival
Mexico City, MX

Cecilia Velasco is a graphic designer, creative director and businesswoman from Mexico City. By spending several of the formative years in Italy she got deep into art in all shapes and forms. When in her twenties she got involved in advertising, working as an art director for many years before switching to freelance design before starting her own business, Creative Works, being both creative director and partner.

Today she is on top of the Marvin Media Platform, with the base in what might be the worlds most vibrant place, Mexico City. Ceci has been part of positioning Marvin as one of the leading platforms in music and pop culture in Mexico and Latin America and as one of the main culture outputs within the media landscape of her native country.

The focus these days are to keep building the Marvin platform as an evolving brand that offers different, relevant, strong, and both growing and trendsetting content – a philosophy that has brought to life not only Marvin Magazine but also Marvin Digital, #RockParaLeer and #TintaSonora book series, and of course, FestivalMarvin.