VIVA Conference 2017

Swedish | English

★★★ Pustervik 10.00 – 17.00

10.00 ★ Doors.

10.15 ★ SPEACH: Joppe Pihlgren
Why music is the best. Joppe from Svensk Live (Swedish Live) delivers the concepts.

10.30 ★ LIVE: Maybe Canada

10.45 ★ PANEL: Live music Göteborg & Västra Götaland?
Why keep on with live music? How is the live music scene these days? What’s the difference working in a smaller/larger city? What does work/not work?
Tess Åsten – Klubb8 & Pustervik, Gothenburg
Ulf Andersson – Club Underground, Borås
Johan Calissendorff – The Ocean, Gothenburg
Jenny Qvick – Uddevallakassetten, Uddevalla

11:30 ★ INTERVIEW: Timo Räisänen
Timo has been active since the turn of the millennium, and here we will get a grip on the latest album – the debut in Swedish – and the future.

12.00 ★ LIVE: Dear Paul

12:15 ★ INTERVIEW: Zandari Festa & Sørveiv Festival
Cecilia Soojeong Yi, Seoul, South Korea
Anna Willrodt, Kristiansand, Norway
Zandari Festa has established itself as Asia’s most important conference and showcase festival. Sørveiv has gone from a small local music event to an international festival, how is such a trip done? How is a festival in Asia different from one in Europe? And what is actually a showcase festival and why is it important for artists?

13:00 ★ PANEL: Indie vs Major
Are record labels needed in the digital era? What does a record label do in 2018? What is the upside of being indie? What paths lead forward? What are the expectations of the artists on a record label?
Pelle Nyhage – Superpuma Records, Östra Frölunda
Anika Mottershaw – Bella Union, London, UK
Peter Nordenström – Adore Music, Gothenburg
Lovisa Samuelsson – Pacaya Records, Gothenburg

13.30 ★ LIVE: The Wife

13:45 ★ PRESENTATION: Reeperbahn Festival
Detlef Schwarte, Hamburg, DE
The founder and program manager will guide us how Reeperbahn has become Europe’s most important industry event and club festival. What success factors have been in place? What does the future look like?

14:30 ★PRESENTATION: Bella Union
Anika Motthershaw, London, UK
What does an A & R agent do? What’s it like being with a company with artists like Fleet Foxes etc? How indie does Bella Union feel these days? Why has Bella Union been standing over time and is now celebrating its 20th birthday?

15.15 ★ LIVE: Lea

15:30 ★ PANEL: The future of music?
Is the future already here? What winds are currently blowing vs live music, revenue sources and recorded music? What mode of consumption will come? Are playlists the future? How will things look in ten years? What trends will survive, which ones will die?
Yohanna Eek – Imagine Festival Sweden, Västra Götaland, Sweden
Fredrik Andersson – Pace Management / Welfare Sounds, Gothenburg
Detlef Schwarte – Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg, DE
Cecilia Soojeong Yi – Zandari Festa, Seoul, KR

16.00 ★ LIVE: Simon Alexander

16:15 ★ PANEL: So set up my tour then!?
How to book a tour? Where do you start? How has the live industry changed? How do the terms look at different levels? How important is live for artists today?
Jonk Haglund – Alleycat Records / Showdown / Slacker, Gothenburg
Ann-Sofie Hoyles – Spiders
Marcus Rüssel – Gigmit, Berlin, DE
SaraBeata Hagström – Lava Bangs / Census