VIVA SOUNDS is a music conference and club festival in Gothenburg, running Friday 7th and Saturday 8th of December in multiple venues, and bringing the local scene and national plus international guests together.

The festival starts with a set of live shows on Friday 7th of December with music played in two venues. Our conference takes place at venue Pustervik during the day on Saturday, where we’ll serve a nice blend of interviews, panel discussions, presentations and speed meetings, along with broken down sets of live music. We will invite quite the number of people from the global music industry, but our focus is tied to what happens in our own area of the world. Mixing up people from home with with those from far away is what makes it so fun.

Saturday night after the conference you can check an impressive program of live music at four different venues, from Järntorget to Stigbergstorget in Gothenburg. Most artists will be from our part of Sweden, but national and international artists/bands will be here as well. And it will be great!