Zandari Festa, Seoul, Korea

*Started in 2012, Zandari Festa quickly established itself as South Korea’s largest music showcase festival. The annual event takes place in Seoul’s Hongdae area, the epicenter of youth culture in South Korea and ground zero for the country’s indie music scene. For three days each October, Zandari Festa brings together acts and music industry professionals from around the world for concerts and conferences at more than 10 unique venues around Hongdae.

Landing in Seoul early Thursday morning after 18 hours of travel was quite the shock and the cities vibrant pulse showed itself right away.  We decided before leaving the airport, smart/stupid, to go with the idea of killing jet-lag at once by staying awake the first full day, then we got us a nice driver and off we went to the city, with no real idea of what was to expect.

Three hours into our 76 hours stay later, after a shower and getting sorted in the hotel with an amazing view of the city we hit the streets for lunch in the neighborhood of Hongdae, same area as where the festival was gonna be over the coming three days. The welcoming was warm and the food was good, and sitting down without moving a relief.

A bit later on, early Thursday night, the opening of Zandari Festa took place at the double venue of The Stage and Convent. Everything seemed to be working just perfect and a lot of people started to check in, making it packed inside with a lot of catching up’s going on outside. We hung out until 22.00 when we felt good about hitting the beds, staying awake for some cold 36 hours since leaving home.

Friday started by a great welcome and kick-off at the very nice Ryse Hotel, who hosted the conference and most of the delegates coming in from other countries. First shows of day two were held at Veloso, mid-day showcases are pretty nice and these were no different. Kinda like drinking before drinking time or something, a bit different. The rest of Friday went in style with a lot of shows at more venues in the Hongdae area, before we finished off with our own, Browsing Collection, just pouring out rock at the club Strange Fruit around midnight.

Saturday followed the same way, conference program during the day and then off to the shows at night. First off were Dabda, playing a great set in a surprisingly well equipped basement, hard to find but really rewarding once there. Same night we got probably the best show for the whole festival at the MUV Hall with Koreas own Idiotape on stage. Really intense, the all-in-electronic-dance-rock-trio were just amazing, and the energy onstage really carried its way to the audience. We managed to also see legend Glen Matlock along UK’s Red Rum Club before calling it a night, well aware Sunday had a grim, early call to do the same silly hours going back to Europe.

All in all, Zandari Festa proved to be a wonderful event where the best feature must be the overall vibe the team behind the festival created. Zandari uses the slogan: “listen to music, drink beer, make friends” so that’s what we did, and it worked really well. At all times all the people part of the festival were all smiles, and easy to approach and talk to. We met and hung out with a bunch of sweet people from England, Wales, Brazil, Indonesia, France, Netherlands, India, Belgium, Hungary, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Australia, and of course, Korea. To keep level all of the venues and the program were pretty much great most of times and the setting of Seoul as a city around the event made an impact as well, just constantly happening and every time we popped out on the streets after a show it was right there. Vibrant.
We can only say we hope to be back next year again. And the year after that as well. Repeat. Might wanna stay a bit longer tho as our 76 hours this time were packed and soo not enough.

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When in Hamburg!

Field report from Hamburg last week: Reeperbahn Festival did it again, and we’ll be back for more of those treats you got. Loved it.

Top to bottom, from the bottom up, thanking all you players onstage: Easy October, Bottlecap, Linn Koch-Emmery and Baby Jesus, and all supporting us: Adore Music, 40ft, KulturUngdom and Welfare Sounds, to the villains running the streets: Backseat, Klubb Undergrunden, Up The Punx to the costume makers: Lect Production and Pooca Bar:


After summer, there is work!

Summer’s almost gone, and a wicked season is upon us. This year we’ve already been out quite some but still we got more to do.

Westside Music Sweden reps and/or artists will be taking part in a number of events starting late August spanning all the way to  December when we host our own event, Viva Sounds!

This be our schedule from here;

08.31-09.02 @ c/o Pop, Cologne, DE
WMS is visiting this classic festival for a possible, and coherent, co-op in 2019.

09.19-22 @ Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg, DE
Hosting our own showcase at Europe’s finest, just like last year. Reception as well, come eat pizza and get inside before it’s too late.

09.28-29 @ Fira B!, Mallorca, ES
New partner in España, and Annelie is taking the trip along a rep from WMS.

09.28-10.06 @ Braga Music Week, Braga, PT
One of the coolest city (and street sometimes) festivals there is. We’re happy to be part of this again, having Tilde Hjelm doing duo-shows this year.

10.05-08 @ Zandari Festa, Seoul, KR
Our first Asian trip took place last year, and this year WMS is invited back – Browsing Collection doing it again, backed up by a grateful invitation for the platform.

10.26-27 @ BIME, Bilbao, ES
Moving on up here, this year we’ll double the talent by having Agent Blå and The Bongo Club playing, and next year we might be even more up in the mix of this fine event.

11.19-24 @ Monkey Week, Seville, ES
Ah, our fourth year in the south of Spain visiting Monkey Week, aka, Monkeys With Attitudes, aka The Mighty Gorilla. Thrilled as always!

12.07-08 @ Viva Sounds, Gothenburg, SE
Our own event is growing a bit, a few more slots, a few more venues, more music and a better conference. We did learn some stuff last year, and will try to use that knowledge to get on the map with this.


Hello Hamburg, again!

Since packing venue Pooca Bar from start to finish last year during Reeperbahn Festival, how could we say no to that stuff again? We couldn’t.

This year we’ll add up on guitars and noise when going down there as the line-up includes the following very much happening acts, thank you very much;
Easy OctoberBottlecapLinn Koch-EmmeryBaby Jesus

The evening will be called This is: Westside Music Sweden, because that’s what it is. No EDM, no in-house producers. Just music, real music. Catch us when there – Thursday 20th of September, bring all the glory you got.

Spring getting busy!

Action, only a few words. 

Festival season got us scheming with SWR BARROSELAS METALFESTMUSEXPOEast Coast Music Association (ECMA)Liverpool Sound CitySPOT FestivalFOCUS Wales and Festival Marvin CDMX – where we’ll be slinging sounds from from We Dream Alone, FIREBREATHER, The Bongo Club, Easy October, Tilde Hjelm & The Desert Orchids, Topplock, Orkan, Two Year Vacation, ANNELIE and Linn Koch-Emmery to the masses! Damn!

How about Wales?

In partnership with Focus Wales!

Proud to announce a partnership with FOCUS Wales, to strengthen the musical exchange between west Sweden and Wales. This May Orkan and Two Year Vacation will be live and loud in Wrexham during FOCUS Wales 2018. More to follow!

FOCUS Wales is a not-for-profit organization, established to provide the annual new music showcase event for the Welsh Music Industry. Our core work centers around the delivery of our annual multi-venue showcase festival taking place in Wrexham each Spring, which places the music industry spotlight firmly on the emerging talent that Wales has to offer the world. FOCUS Wales 2019 will mark the festival’s 9th edition, and will welcome over 10,000 people to the town, building upon 2018′s record attendance across a jam-packed weekend of events. There’s no place like Wrexham during FOCUS Wales, as we showcase 200+ bands from across the world, fill out a variety of spaces and music venues, using 20 stages, and hosting a full schedule of Interactive Industry Sessions, Stand-up Comedy, Arts events, and Film screenings, throughout the festival. In addition to the delivery of the FOCUS Wales festival, we also deliver a number international FOCUS Wales events throughout the year.

Festival Marvin – Mexico City!

Annelie and Linn Koch-Emmery are flying out to Mexico!

It’s our second year in and happy to say we’re getting along well with the amazing Festival Marvin CDMX in the music capital of the world – Mexico City! Quite proud to say we got two acts going this time as both ANNELIE and Linn Koch-Emmery are part of this really cool line-up.

Also, somewhat extra fat cheese we’re hooking up with the promoter Tiempos Compartidos to set more shows up with Annelie on the same trip.  ¡A huevo!