Regional minister of culture
Västra Götaland, SE

Conny Brännberg is the “regional minister of Culture” in the Västra Götaland Region. The cultural affairs committee gives assignments to more than 100 departments, institutions, organisations and associations and of which several in the music field.

One overall task for the committee is to provide the prerequisites for a rich cultural life for all inhabitants of Västra Götaland, wherever they live. Conny emphasizes that a great availability of a wide range of music scenes is of high importance for achieving this. But also that a strong and diverse music industry is becoming increasingly important for job creation.

Closing party with Pale Honey!

We are so getting there, and we are turning it loose. Cos it’s a mother.

Since adding up things vs Viva Sounds by the day we now got all things in place. Conference is complete and same thing on the live program. Good news is that most of the festival will be free of charge – we are only accepting your hard earned dollars for the conference and for the closing party. The rest – come get yours.

The closing party will be at Pustervik and we got our headline Pale Honey giving their last set of the year. The duo has been moving on up over the last years and if you miss them at Viva Sounds, you won’t get a second chance in months to come. We also got the death-funk by The Exorcist GBG to get the dance floor on fire afterwards and into the future.

Our full program, both live and conference, will be revealed soon as well.

Viva Sounds is a club festival and music conference in Gothenburg, happening for the second time  7th-8th of December 2018. The conference will be inspiring and educational with amazing networking opportunities and the live program will blow your mind at multiple venues around town.

Tickets – 150 SEK – conference:
Tickets – 150 SEK – closing party:


Music journalist
Borås, SE

Christian Naumanen is a freelance journalist and music writer from Borås. With his roots in the local music scene, he covers everything from emerging acts to big international festivals like SXSW. He is the editor of Maktens musik, a status report of pop music in Swedish cultural policies 2017, as well as a culture columnist and critic for Borås Tidning.

When not writing, Christian plays the guitar (with The Stomping Academy & Linda of The Valley), manages his tiny label Ringstone Records and dreams about buying a house with a barn, where he can build his own studio.


Nothing But Hope And Passion
Berlin, DE

Austin Maloney is a Stockholm-based Irish music and culture writer, whose work has appeared in outlets including The Line Of Best Fit, Ja Ja Music, Totally Stockholm and Nöjesguiden. He also covers music from the Nordics for Berlin-based online magazine Nothing But Hope And Passion, primarily focusing on new artists and bands. In this role he covers festivals, regularly discovers and writes about new artists from Scandinavia as well as doing interviews and longer features. His major obsession is new music, finding and covering new artists whose talent deserves the attention of a wider audience.

Nothing But Hope And Passion is a Berlin-based, English-language online magazine with writers stationed around Europe, as well as a few dotted around other corners of the world. As well as the standard music mag mix of track coverage, new music, interviews and features, NBHAP also works with live sessions, included the recent Palms and Circumstances mini-concert series, collaborates on showcase shows in Berlin and runs stages at festivals around Germany. NBHAP’s aim is to produce writing, photography and content with a quality-over-quantity focus, less clickbait and more longer-form, in-depth features.


Göteborg, SE

Gillis Bengtsson started up SwingKids more than 20 years ago as a management and has since been active in many roles, operating as a label, distributor, agent, promoter, tour manager, dj, club runner and more. SwingKids got its base in Gothenburg and has worked with numerous artists, mostly in the reggae genre.
SwingKids has been instrumental in Swedish reggae and has been part in taking it to levels no one though possible with hit records, awards and sold out football stadiums as stand out achievements – quite unique for a 100% independent company. Gillis is today active around household names such as Kapten Röd, Svenska Akademien and Labyrint, and spends his time as a family man, running the company and getting wider perspectives as a paragliding pilot.


Delli Music Group
Göteborg, SE

Alsad Kozar got into hiphop at young age and released his first mixtape under his nickname Adoo in 2010. After some active years he took a break from music and got back 2013 with his label Delli Music Group. From the start of Delli the aim was to release his own stuff, but also to sign other talents to the label.
His business model now is to work with a handful of artists and sign them on short contracts with other labels, matching the right artist and the right song to the right partner on different projects. Delli Music Group makes everything around the product and all content needed and leaves promotion and distribution under license to other labels. This way they also put some pressure on the bigger labels they work with and it seems to be working. His own songs has passed 10 million streams on Spotify, and yet Delli Music Group is only getting started.


Pustervik / Saltet på Ringön
Göteborg, SE

Johan (“Red Top”) is born and raised in Gothenburg and has been working as an organizer since the late 80’s and he is one of the founders of the venue Pustervik. His ambition has always been to strengthen the city of Gothenburg and position it as a music city and he has never hesitated to discuss this with politicians or officials. In his opinion, politics is a natural part of culture and we have a shared responsibility to make sure we improve the conditions for our future generation of organizers and cultural workers.

He states that “a lot of positive things has happened since I started in the business, but there are still many issues that need to be solved”. Johan is currently also involved with an urban development project in an area of Gothenburg called Ringön, where the aim is to give space to creativity a bit off center of mainstream culture.


Berlin, DE

Marcus Rüssel has, since 2001, developed his career as a concert and festival promoter and as a consultant and manager for musicians. In 2009 Marcus started researching different ways of funding and financing, primarily in the creative industry and he thereby knows how to establish a business. With that knowledge and his experience, he founded gigmit in 2012 and has since lead the company as its CEO. His online music booking platform, gigmit, serves to connect promoters and musicians for an easier booking process and connects more than 2000 live shows per year.
In 2017 Marcus founded the Innovation Network of European Showcases (INES) with 8 showcase festivals in Europe and in 2018 a new marketing initiative for digital concert marketing called Live Music Accelerator Berlin (LMAB).


The Abyss
Gothenburg, SE

Maja Sofic was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina but grew up in Australia. She has lived in 8 countries including Serbia, England, Italy, Switzerland, Norway and Sweden. Maja got a degree in politics from her education in Australia but her passion is clearly more around music. She loves working with people, with music and loves to be involved in music related projects. This passion has led her to running the heave-metal/rock-pub and restaurant The Abyss in Gothenburg, which has become the place for people within the genre to meet.
The Abyss also run shows, in quite impressive numbers, and is now also running a festival called The Abyss Festival, taking place at Gothenburg Film Studios. 2019 will be the second year of the festival and the growth from the first year will be massive.


Sound Diplomacy
Berlin, DE

Katja founded the Sound Diplomacy Berlin office in October 2013 and is now operating as Head of projects. In this role Katja has consulted several cities on their Music City strategy, given lectures about Music Cities at events over the world and initiated the Music Cities Network together with the Hamburg Music Business Association (IHM).
Katja has worked on the development of several funding projects for German institutions and has consulted with the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, GIZ, Adam Mickiewicz Institute Poland, Nordic Embassies Berlin and many other institutions.
Altogether she has been in the music business for more than 12 years and in various fields including Mutek Festival, Ableton and Initiative Musik, the German funding organisation, where she was responsible for the export projects. Katja holds a diploma in Geography and Economy, with a focus on urban planning and creative industries.